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Let me tell you about THE BOT OF US
Join AMI and BELL on a thrilling cooperative adventure as they embark on a quest to find their creator, Dr. Morgan, in a mysterious lab! In our Sokoban-inspired puzzle game, you can team up with a friend in local multiplayer mode to solve challenging brain-teasers. Each level requires communication and cooperation between players, strengthening the bond between AMI and BELL! as they progress through the lab. With stunning visuals and an immersive storyline, our indie game offers a unique and engaging puzzle-solving experience, perfect for both solo and cooperative play. So gather a friend, put on your thinking caps, and get ready for a fun and rewarding adventure with AMI and BELL!.

You can be US

Allow me to introduce you to our captivating main characters, AMI and BELL!. These two fascinating beings are not just any ordinary robots, but rather, they are the pinnacle of technological innovation and advancement. Their metallic bodies and intricate circuitry reflect the incredible skill and craftsmanship of their creators.
For some reason, their creator opted not to include the ability for AMI and BELL! to move autonomously, and instead, they require your assistance to navigate and explore their surroundings.

Say Hello to AMI!

Meet AMI, the robotic superstar who's been programmed to strut her stuff in a two-dimensional world. Her inventor might have missed the memo on 3D movement, but that won't stop us from having a blast exploring her 2D universe. We've got the blueprint on hand, so let's get ready to guide Ami through some flat-out fun!

This is BELL

Allow me to introduce BELL!, the three-dimensional wonderbot who's a bit of a grump. Unlike his two-dimensional counterpart Ami, Bell can navigate the full range of 3D space with ease. However, be warned: his sour disposition might make him a bit of a handful. But don't worry, with your help, we'll have Bell buzzing around like a happy drone in no time!

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StatusIn development
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AuthorAnoa Interactive
Tags2D, 3D, coop, couch-game


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heyo temen temen Anoa!
aku sudah main game nya hahahaha...

dari aku feedbacknya mungkin saat dialog diberi UI space ya agar tau button next nya lalu button skipnya juga. 

sisanya bagus hahahaha aku suka 3D art nya 2D art nya juga lucu banget jadi gabanyak komentar cuma pujian aja adanya nih! xD

semangat terus ya ditunggu updatenya!

Wah... thank you banget uda mainin gamenya ya. Siap... masukannya akan langsung kami implement ini, bagus banget masukannya.

Gamenya bagus banget,gua nunggu update sama level lanjutannya,dan kalau bisa tambahin 1st sama 2nd person,biar tambah unik gitu gamenya,itu kan ada warna hijau sama biru,kalo bisa tambahin merah sama kuning gitu,biar sekalian ada 4 player gitu (P3=ijkl,P4=Mouse)

Terima kasih atas masukannya.  Pasti akan kami pertimbangkan. Kami juga senang mendengar jika kamu menyukai game yang kami buat. Tunggu aja update selanjutnya dari tim kami ya...

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bruv the game concept is pure gold ngl

Thank you. . .